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Talk, Think, Get Better
Because it takes an awesome team to build awesome software

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The path to Awesomeness

The ultimate measure of achievement is the success of your project and we can help you track your progress to be a kick butt team.

Using a quiz authored by Jim Shore and Shane Warden in the book Art of Agile Development, You will explore how your team works together. Talk about how you write software, collaborate, plan, and release your software.

It's the conversation that matters
There is no silver bullet or special recipe to become an awesome team. It actually takes some effort and discipline to be one. The path to that goal is what is important, more than the goal itself. The quiz is meant to be taken as a team. Pay attention to the discussions around the questions, they are often more important than the results themselves: It's the conversation that matters.

Who is this site for?

Any team that has some experience with Extreme Programming (XP) and that is looking to improve their skills. Teams new to XP can use this quiz to get a feel for what XP is and assess how they can bring those concepts to their daily work.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

We use the quiz included in the Art of Agile Development book. We can't recommend it enough for teams with any XP experience. Stand on the shoulders of Jim Shore and Shane Warden, build on their experience, go further, become a better team.

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